What is new with ECMAScript6+ (ES6)

Lets know some basics about ES6 —

ECMA Script stands for — “European Computer Manufacturers Association”.

#Let And Const —

So earlier we only had var keyword for variable declaration, it gives “functional scope” to the variable, with new ES6 let variable provides the “block scope”.

#Destructuring With(Array, Object, Async/Await)—

So when you have a long list of array or object and need some important properties only, instead of iterating through it all Destructuring will come very much handy.

#Arrow Functions —

This is a cool way of writing a functions. Much more simple, also the normal functions work the same way as before.

#Importing/Exporting modules —

Importing other files or modules is very common, also it is a good practice to import all your assets like images, fonts and other css files through import. When you make a production build it directly gets added to your build folder.

#The spread operator (…) —

I just love this (…), To expand your array, object or string it works amazing. basically merging your array with the new one you don’t have to use concat() anymore. It work pretty well with the strings also, converting string into array and all.



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Dia Bhavsar

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